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Window is an art project located in the
center of Brussels. Every two months we
encourage an artist to create a unique
work for our small window space.

  • Pedro Ruxa
  • Insta Reality Looks Like, 2019
  • Acrylic on canvas
    140 x 120 cm

  • September — October 2019

How was this work conceived?

In some recent pieces I've been associating the circle of the eye with the Earth and the color-wheel. Also the idea of "reflection" has been obsessing me for its dual meaning - a physical light reflection but also a reflection as a thought in the mind.

This hyper-sensible eye, floating in the naught, seems to be reflecting light from inside but also reflecting back the light of the outside world, producing a diffraction of all the colors of the visible spectrum. Also, I like to think of the eyes as this window between the interior of the body and everything around. This eye could be a kind of self-portrait of me floating around, trying to interact with the outside world.

What is your favourite window?

My glasses lens! They are the ones who allow me to see better, but at the same time they put one more layer between me and the reality.

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  • 60 Rue des Minimes
  • 1000 Bruxelles – Belgium
Pedro Ruxa - Insta Reality Looks Like