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Window is an art project located in the
center of Brussels. Every two months we
encourage an artist to create a unique
work for our small window space.

  • Loup Sarion
  • Kölnische Nase, 2022
  • Beewax, charcoal, urethane, plywood
    37 x 34 x 65 cm

  • Sept — Dec 2023

How was this work conceived?

These two nose sculptures are made of charcoal, pigment and beewax. Surfaces based on memories of skin I’ve seen, touched, contemplated.
Noses are these sacred shapes, in the middle of the face, both monstrous and terribly erotic.
They are all so fascinating.

What is your favourite window?

The window of my car in motion is an endlessly inspiring window.

All Exhibitions
  • 60 Rue des Minimes
  • 1000 Bruxelles – Belgium
Loup Sarion - Kölnische Nase